Bearded Bookworm

Bearded Bookworm: JJ Merrell (He/Him)

Greeting All, my name is J.J. (He/Him) and I go by Bearded Bookworm on the book related interwebs.
I am elated to be a judge for SPSFC. I’ve been on a hiatus from content creation and even stopped reading for months at a time (cue Wilhelm scream).

What brought you to SPSFC?
I saw Scott from Book Invasion post about SPSFC and I thought it was a great way to dive back into the community and support some self published authors.

What is your favourite sci-fi subgenre?
I love space operas. I had an entire network of rabbit holes of Star Wars Extended Universe Lore and Knowledge. So anything approaching that kind of feel is right up my alley. And mechs. I love me some mechs.

If you were stationed at the lighthouse from Beacon 23, what 3 books would you be sure to bring along?

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