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Dwight, The Big Bearded Nerd(He/Him)

A long time ago, in a small suburb of Atlanta far, far away…

The temperatures are scorching, humidity pushing the heat index even higher. A young man is born, the first son of a first son.

As the years go by the father instills a love of books. Military history, thrillers, so…much…Tom…Clancy. The boy couldn’t read fast enough. Mass market paperback. James Patterson. John Grisham. James Patterson. More Tom Clancy. Harlan Coben. James Patterson.

The father read what he loved. The son read what the father loved, because he loved the father.

And then one day, as the son walked among the aisles at a local Barnes and Noble, the scents of coffee, wood and vanilla wafting through the air, he came across a new book. A large book, black cover, of a genre he did not know. H As the son waited for the father to finish shopping, he sat down with this new book, intrigued by the possibility.

The book? Dune, by Frank Herbert.

And that has made all the difference.

What brought you to SPSFC?
Books. So many books. Space opera. Post apocalypse. Dinosaurs. Short books. Long books. Good books. Bad books. I want to read them all.

That and an unmitigated man-crush on Hugh Howey.

What is your favourite sci-fi subgenre?
Hard to narrow it down as I really just love any story that gets my brain moving. But if I had to pick one, I’d say post apocalypse. Oh, and cosmic horror. Any probably space opera. Plus dinosaurs. And mechs.

If you were stationed at the lighthouse from Beacon 23, what 3 books would you be sure to bring along?

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