Rese Horn

Rese Horn (She/Her/Hers)

What brought you to SPSFC?
Well, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw the call for book reviewers for SPSFC. I understand how competitive the publishing industry is, both the traditional and self-published branches. There are some awesome self-published books out there that people have poured their hearts and souls into, and the SPSFC competition is a chance for these works to shine and find new readers. I also LOVE recommending books to family and friends. 

What is your favourite sci-fi subgenre?
My favorite sci-fi sub genre is the good old space opera. Let’s cruise the galaxy and salvage something, maybe find our purpose in life, hang out with some cool aliens, play with some tech that works, because it’s a SF novel and the author told us it works, but spared us three pages of how and why. Also a big fan of Gothic and Mystery. 

If you were stationed at the lighthouse from Beacon 23, what 3 books would you be sure to bring along?

I know, it’s not SF, but here me out. In high school my English teachers assigned us the most god awful books to read, so I’d thought that I had hit puberty and somehow grown out of my love of reading. UNTIL I read Rebecca senior year, absolutely loved it, and realized that I was just a super picky reader when it came to genres. I need mystery or whimsy or aliens to hold my interest. Rebecca helped me rediscover my love of reading, so it can come with me to the lighthouse.

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