Space Lasagna

In the beginning Hugh and Duncan created the SPSFC.  Now the contest was formless and empty, darkness was over Duncan’s spreadsheets, and the Spirit of Sci-Fi was hovering over the Discord.

 And DuncanHugh said, “Let there be teams,” and there were teams.  DuncanHugh saw that the teams were good. But one was especially gooder. For one of these teams had combined the wonder that is the interstellar with the best among baked pasta dishes.  

And Dr. Malcom gazed upon this fantastic creation, worried at what this group of reviewers had unleashed upon the world.

Great quote from Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park (1993) | Jurassic park movie,  How to memorize things, Scientist

But we didn’t care. And Space Lasagna was born.

Let’s meet the team.

Round One: The Culling

Each week Space Lasagna will read 10%-20% of three to four books. We’ll each vote Yes or No on whether we want to keep reading. The ten books with the most Yes votes will move on to the review phase of Round 1.

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