Week One – Birthdays and Summer Pillows

OK, I know I just posted like two days ago, but my birthday was on a Thursday and that felt like the right time to kick things off. I’m looking to write one a week so I’m just dropping this here in order to bump the cycle back to the weekend. So, you get a two-for this week. Exciting, right?

Anyway, I got my long ride in yesterday. 24 miles in 2 hours on the MTB around town. I rode some gravel, almost got run over by a semi on a freshly chip-sealed road and enjoyed a delicious stroopwafel (seriously, these things are like 90% why i take long ass rides).


This Dutch delight is great for a mid-ride energy boost. High sugar wafers sandwiched around some sort of caramel/brown sugar concoction. Great to keep the blood sugar up while burning carbs.

As great as these are for exercise fuel, the rest of my Saturday was full of some great but unhealthy food. I’m not going to feel guilty about it though. My friends and I were hanging out celebrating a couple of early September birthdays so good food had to be enjoyed. Birthday’s deserve some Big Boy Cookie Time and a couple drinks. Just don’t let your friends order for you or you’ll end up with this:

The Summer Pillow

Or let them. It was delicious. I’m man enough to enjoy the fuck out of a pink champagne cocktail.

Enough fun for now though. Today was a rest day. I’ll be back to the grind tomorrow. Celebrations are over. Time to produce some results.

Training – Week 1

Swim: 624 yards (624 yard total)

Bike: 32 miles (32 miles total)

Run : 2 miles (2 miles total)

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