Custom miniature figure commissions are currently OPEN

Table Ready: Meant to look good at arms length, on the table. Minimum 3 colors including base coat, shades/washers and dry brushing for highlights. Minimal decorative base.

Great for: large groups/armies – anything you want to get on the table fast

Pricing**: Small (32mm) – $20 Medium (40mm) – $40 Large (60mm+) – $75

Tabletop Plus: Meant to look great at arms length, on the table. 4+ colors. Standard includes base coat, glazes/shades and detailed highlights. Entry level, decorative base included

Great for: Characters/Heroes – anything you want to pop on the table

Pricing**: Small (32mm) – $25 Medium (40mm) – $60 Large (60mm+) – $120

High Standard: The best I have to offer. No limit on colors. Models will be base coated. Multiple, detailed highlights, detailed base.

Great for: Display/Centerpiece models

Pricing**: Small (32 mm) – $75 Medium (40mm) – $120 Large (60mm+) – $175

**Prices listed above are approximate. A quote will be provided on all commissions with a detailed pricing breakdown. Shipping is charged separately.

Prices do not include: Cleaning/Assembly, Magnetizing, Pinning, or Shipping. These can be added as separately charged services.

I would love to work on a project for you! If you’re interested in a commission please fill out the form below. We’ll work through a quote and get you on your way to some amazing pieces for your table!

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