SPSFC: Quarterfinalists

After much consternation, deliberation, and probably another unnamed “ation” or two, Team Space Lasagna is proud to announce the quarterfinalists for The SPSFC.

Each team member read at lest 10-20% of 31 books this fall. We chose the 10 best books to move on to the quarterfinals as follows (in no particular order):

A Star Named VegaBen Roberts
ConstellationRobert Scanlon
Blackcoats: Dead Man WalkingMichael Lachman
Eden M51Glenn Paskoff
Between Mountain and SeaMary Lou Locke
Primordial ThreatMichael A. Rothman
The Elcy ProtocolBave Grozdanov
The Dinosaur FourGeoff Jones
EarthweedsRod Little
Ducket and Dyer: Dicks for HireGanesh Nair

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be reading these books in their entirety and posting reviews. The contests requires us to publish reviews for our top three, but we’ll likely have something for all of these from at least some members of the team.

While congratulations are obviously in order for the Quarterfinalists, we would also like to thank the other twenty one authors on our list. The ever amazing Edpool managed to read all 31 entries in their entirety and has provided a thoughtful review for each. So, while we couldn’t pass everyone to the next round, we can link to reviews for those who did not move on.

TitleAuthorReview Link
The AwakeningAdair Harthttps://hatboy.blog/2021/08/13/the-awakening-a-review/
MindguardAndrei Cherascuhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/09/mindguard-a-review/
Elijah’s ChariotAndrew Griffardhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/01/elijahs-chariot-a-review/
The Invisible CityBrian K. Lowehttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/03/the-invisible-city-a-review/
God in the MachineCole Martynhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/08/god-in-the-machine-a-review/
Children of ValeDaniel Alan Andersonhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/24/children-of-vale-a-review/
Planet B completeDavid Hollandhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/09/planet-b-complete-a-review/
Watson and HolmesE.B. Dawsonhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/03/watson-and-holmes-a-review/
The One: A Cruise Through the Solar SystemEric Kleinhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/08/the-one-a-cruise-through-the-solar-system-a-review/
ShepherdsJames Brumbaughhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/08/20/shepherds-a-review/
The Threat BelowJason Latshawhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/01/the-threat-below-a-review/
EosJennifer Perryhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/08/13/eos-a-review/
Double EdgedJessie Kwakhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/11/double-edged-a-review/
Rise (Last Chance #1)Katie Hannahttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/08/rise-a-review/
IsoldesseKimberly Gruenbacherhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/24/isoldesse-a-review/
ACHELevi Jacobshttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/02/ache-an-edpool-review/
The View from Infinity BeachRichard Johnsonhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/16/the-view-from-infinity-beach-a-review/
Silicon OverrideShawn T Ketchersidehttps://hatboy.blog/2021/08/20/silicon-override-a-review/
The Binding TempestSteven Rudyhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/01/the-binding-tempest-a-review/
The Chaos JobTheresa M Baumgartnerhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/15/the-chaos-job-a-review/
Stars Forever BlackTony Brunohttps://hatboy.blog/2021/10/15/stars-forever-black-a-review/

I’d like to thank team Space Lasagna for working so hard to preview these books, and keep me company on this journey. I can’t wait to dig even deeper into these amazing stories.

Happy reading y’all!

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