SPSFC: Semifinalists

It is time y’all. Time for team Space Lasagna to announce the difficult decision we’ve been mulling these last few months.

After announcing our quarterfinalists in November, we’ve completed our review of these ten fine offerings. We are proud to announce the three books moving on to the semifinals (linked reviews by Rese Horn).

A Star Named VegaBenjamin Roberts

Duckett and Dyer: Dicks for Hire – GM Nair

The Dinosaur Four – Geoff Jones

We really want to thank all the authors for their hard work and dedication to these works. Team Space Lasagna has tried to treat this contest as a celebration of the efforts these authors put forth. While we could select only three, we do recommend you check out all the entries. Below is a list of the 7 quarterfinalists who didn’t make it this time, along with full reviews of each book written by the amazing Edpool.

TitleAuthorReview Link
ConstellationRobert Scanlonhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/08/27/constellation-a-review/
Blackcoats: Dead Man WalkingMichael Lachmanhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/08/27/blackcoats-dead-man-walking-a-review/
Eden M51Glenn Paskoffhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/08/27/eden-m51-a-review/
Between Mountain and SeaMary Lou Lockehttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/03/between-mountain-and-sea-a-review/
Primordial ThreatMichael A. Rothmanhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/09/primordial-threat-a-review/
The Elcy ProtocolBave Grozdanovhttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/16/the-elcy-protocol-a-review/
EarthweedsRod Littlehttps://hatboy.blog/2021/09/24/earthweeds-a-review/

Keep an eye on the members of this fine team, as we have more reviews coming for the semifinalists (including mine) as well as a whole slew of new books as we move into the next round.

Happy reading y’all!

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